The word is loaded. For some, it’s loaded with baggage and negativity. For others, it’s loaded with peace and unspeakable joy. For many, dare I say everyone, it has changed over time.

As we grow, our concept of God changes. Whether we were raised Christian, Islamic, or Buddhist, our concept of who God is, how this God interacts and cares for me, and what this God expects of me all change over time. As this change occurs, many emotions and thoughts are at stake. We experience growing pains and times of loneliness.

I believe we live in a constantly unfolding story of human creation and the understanding of God at work in it all. I speak primarily from the Christian perspective but I feel like we can all relate to the issue at hand: As we change, so does our concept of God. Here is a place for us all to realize that moving forward is OK and that we are not alone.

So, I am dedicated to the story that we continue to tell: the story of God and the story of people interacting with and understanding God. Join me as we seek to discuss things openly, honestly, and without reserve.





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  1. Wow. Just finished listening to your podcast, The Great Divorce. Very enlightening! Loved the open and honest way your told of your journey. Lots of things resonated within me and I related on so many levels. i see you have an invitation to coffe and discussion. Would enjoy that!


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