Thank you, Mr. President, for proving me wrong.

For those of you who who have wondered why the podcasts stopped as soon as I announced I would begin a weekly podcast; my computer has given up on the ability to record and edit audio. After almost 6 long years of abuse and hard love, it simply does not have the will to go on. When I can afford another computer, or to have this one tuned up, we’ll pick back up. Until then, I will return to my roots and write.

I went to bed in disbelief. I knew I would not be happy, no matter the outcome. But the emotions that I awoke with today and have tried to process (and will spend many days to come processing) have been extremely difficult.

I did not vote for President Obama. Either time. The first time I felt that he had too few credentials for the office and would not serve us well. The second time, I felt that he had not done enough to prove himself. Both times, I ignored the deep seeded racism within me because “I have black friends”. Both times I had the wrong idea of what progress looked like for our country. Luckily, the majority of the American population saw things a bit better than myself. In the face of hate, extreme racism, uncooperative congress, and an inherited mess from his predecessor, President Obama has made great strides for our nation and the world. Do I wish some things would have been done differently? Yes. But, he has done well…very well. All while remaining scandal free and above reproach.

Thank you, Mr. President, for proving me wrong.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I feel that he is a menace to society and, according to what he has proclaimed during his campaign, would cause this nation and the world much harm. I feel that in no way whatsoever is he fit to hold that office. I sincerely hope that the majority of those who voted Trump are not racist, bigots, sexist, fear mongers. We are better than that. I realize many of you voted to end the establishment and put an end to the status quo. However, I urge you to take a long look at our country and put yourself in the shoes of one of the many groups Donald has belittled and promised to oppress even more. Realize how they must feel today, knowing that the future leader of this country has them on a hit list.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong again. I will cling to his words during his victory speech that he will strive to be a president for all people. I will watch closely and I will respect the office of the President, just as I did with Barack Obama.

Thank you, Mr. President, for proving me wrong.

However, I have learned a great deal in the last 6 months. As a result of voicing my own opinion and standing for the right of human beings to be heard, I lost a job. I was violently silenced by a loud minority and I let that dictate my life for several months. I have held my tongue in fear. I have not been a voice for the voiceless. I have licked my wounds. It is imperative that we who have been scared to voice our opinions go to work and stop allowing a loud minority to dictate our lives. If fear mongering and hate should be the cornerstone of this presidency, we must work harder than we ever have before to be the voice of hope, inspiration, truth, and love. Love must continue to trump hate because we have come too far, opened our arms too wide to allow a loud minority to dictate our future. May the Christ in each of us love the Christ in the other. And may “the other” fade away to become “we”.



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