Mr. Trump, I feel ya

No, sir, I did not vote for you. Yes, I have been vocally in opposition to you and your rhetoric. However, thanks to some complications from a minor procedure, I was laying on the couch the day you met President Obama and Paul Ryan. As I wrote an article about why people were protesting, the news broke into whatever was on television at the time and I saw your face.

I stopped.

I’ve seen that face before. Exhausted. A bit overwhelmed. Like you had just taken a drink of information from a firehose. You’re learning a new job and you have to work fast. No matter how much you thought you knew, you now realize it’s much bigger than you thought. You see, I’ve seen that face in the mirror every day for about 6 months. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

For a moment, I connected. Regardless of how I feel about you, your rhetoric, your extremist followers that misrepresent the others, I vow to pray for you because I know how it feels to be in those shoes. Yours just happen to be leading our nation. Yes, I will continue to voice my oppositions because every leader needs to be held to high standards but please do not mistake opposition for hate. For we were all created in the image of the Divine and to disrespect one is to disrespect us all.

Good luck Mr. Trump. You have a long couple of months ahead getting ready for this.



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