I would be thrilled to join you at your church or event and share my heart. My past experience has allowed me to speak for congregations in their regular worship time as well as some events for youth and adults. No matter where your group meets or what kind of group you are, I would love to share with you. Here are a few topics we can discuss or I can talk about:

Experiencing Faith as a Journey

Unfolding and evolving human consciousness and the Bible

How I came to love everyone

My Conservative Christian divorce: what I did right and wrong (See episode 5 of the podcast)

Evolving God concepts through time and through the individual life

Social Justice and the Gospel

Then, there’s always the typical sermon. My favorite style is to unwrap the cultural, political, and religious background of a text to make applications for us today. Other approaches are possible. You can listen to Episode 3 of the podcast as an example.

Please do not let budget become an issue. I am flexible and would prefer to share my heart than let money stand in the way. Just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you quickly.